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Using the same radio controlled hexi-copter that is used for Aerial Photography, plus the addition of a radio controlled monster truck, Aerial Perspective has been performing tests at Petrie island to prevent geese from landing and making a mess of the beach and park area.

Geese cause problems for many people

  • They will destroy a farmers crop by eating seeds and excess poop in the fields;
  • They will contaminate beach’s with poop causing ecoli to the point where the beach has to be closed;
  • They can be a danger to people if approached they may attack or try to chase you.

As the goose population increases and there natural habitats are replaced with shopping malls and housing divisions, the problem will only get worse. Canada has enough green space to accommodate the geese, the problem is figuring out how to change the migration path of the geese so that they can find these natural spaces.

If a goose is deterred from landing in a populated or unwanted space, they will eventually go to a space that is not populated, once in that space if not harassed they will adapt to that new space and make that part of their migration path.

Clearing geese and re-training them can be a lengthy process although the system will immediately chase geese off the property, it could take as long as 2 complete seasons before the geese are retrained and no longer feel welcome on the property and do not return.

The Patent Pending Goosebuster™ system is designed to re-train the geese so that they think a predator is living in the area that they are trying to in-habit. By using a remote controlled Heaxcopter equipped with strategically placed lights and a sound system. As well as a patent pending process that includes, schedule and flight path of the geese, time of day and several other variables. The system will deter the geese from landing and eventually the goose will feel a predator lives in the area and not return.

What makes this system different than others.

Most systems have lights or sounds, or will have a dog to chase the geese and in some cases predator birds. These systems will work but in most cases the geese will return or land in water nearby causing more pollution. With the Goosebuster™ system, we offer the lights and sound but in addition we can go AIRBORNE and chase the geese, if they land in the water we can fly over them to harass them further. By doing this on a scheduled bases and using different sounds lights and flying techniques the geese will eventually not return to the area.

If you have a goose problem

Give us a call at 613-218-0968 (cell) 613-699-8370 (office)

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