Aerial Perspective GOOSEBUSTER™ uses custom built remote controlled drones to chase Geese, Pigeons and Seagulls off of any property.

Our UAVs are equipped with custom designed lights and a sound system specifically designed to frighten the birds away.

The birds do not just fly away, they STAY AWAY.

Our GOOSEBUSTER™ UAV is equipped with a sound system and strategically placed lights, making it an ecologically-friendly way of moving unwanted geese from sensitive environments.

The GOOSEBUSTER™ uses a patent-pending process that works with the schedule and flight path of the geese, the time of day and other variables.

If geese are deterred from landing in a populated area, or in a space that is environmentally sensitive, they will eventually go to another natural environment.

They will adapt to that new space and it will become part of their migration path. We also do Aerial Video and photography of Real Estate and special events: weddings, sporting events, fireworks displays.

Permits: Canadian Wildlife Certificate, for chasing geese and seagulls Special Flight Operation Certificate from Transport Canada 2 Million Dollars in Liability Insurance (specific to operating a DRONE).

I am the first and only company in Canada to be registered to chase geese using a remote controlled aircraft.